Paying your employees entails more than just handing out paychecks. As an employer, you have numerous obligations that include: computing the proper payroll deductions and taxes, keeping up to date with changes in tax laws, and ensuring that you provide the proper documentation to your employees at the end of the year. These tasks are time consuming and take away from your daily business activities. That is why E-BRIDGE CPAS offers complete payroll services that take all the hassles of payroll away from you, and allow you to focus on growing your business.

Complete Payroll Processing - Just send us your employee’s pay information and we do the rest - We compute all tax deductions (federal, state, local), commissions, bonuses, pre-tax deductions, etc

Checks/Direct Deposits - Want paychecks mailed to you? Direct deposits to your employees' bank accounts? - Your choice.

Payroll Taxes - We prepare and file all required payroll tax returns on your behalf. We can also impound all payroll taxes and pay them for you when due, so you don’t have to think about it. And best of all, this is all included when you sign up for our payroll service.

Year-end tax documents - Your employees' W-2s are completed, printed, and sent to you at the end of the year, at NO additional charge.

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